Sunless Skies


Sunless Skies is a Gothic Horror roleplay game with a focus on exploration and exquisite storytelling for PC, Mac and Linux.

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Sunless Sea


Take the helm of your steamship and set sail for the unknown! Sunless Sea is a game of discovery, loneliness and frequent death, set in the award-winning Victorian Gothic universe of Fallen London.

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Fallen London

Forty years ago, London was stolen. Now it rests on the shore of the Unterzee, that old dark ocean under the world. Hell is close, immortality is cheap, and the screaming has largely stopped…

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Failbetter Games

Purveyors of only the finest examples of interactive narrative – Failbetter are a UK-based independent games studio, creating games and stories mostly set in the Fallen London Universe.

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Latest news

Hallowmas 2021: Face Your Shame
Oct 25, 12:00am

A damp fog fills London’s streets. Londoners of all stripes lurk in its concealment: masked, cloaked, triply hidden. It is the season of Hallowmas, of the commission and purging of sin. Londoners seek out the Attendants – the masked representatives of the Bazaar – to be shriven. The end of October is upon us, and […]

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Perfecting your Laboratory
Oct 21, 12:00am

Today we are launching a series of updates and quality of life changes to the University laboratory. A note for newer players: Your own University laboratory becomes available some time after obtaining a ship, as part of the mid-to-late game Watchful progression. Originally, the Laboratory allowed making progress through an unlimited deck of mostly discardable […]

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Creating a Steam page for Mask of the Rose
Oct 20, 12:00am

We’re just published the Steam store page for Mask of the Rose! It’s a pretty fun process, putting together a Steam store page. Or it is if you’re deeply interested in how people come across your game, and the careful construction of a store page which might help someone fall in love with it. (Which […]

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Oct 27, 6:58am

We're hosting another #WishlistWednesday! Thank you for having us. We're working on Mask of the Rose, in which it'…

Oct 23, 9:24pm

For #ScreenshotSaturday we're sharing our storycrafting minigame. Swap out characters, motivations and locations to…

Oct 22, 10:42am

Props to the Steam commenter who described Mask of the Rose as an 'outdoor gay club'. Pejoratively, but still: one…

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